Countdown 7 days

Our home, The Big Day

Yesterday after Good Friday service, we met up with Joel and Alexia. He’s helping us with the photo montage. We met them for coffee and pancakes at Coffee Academics.

In the evening, R and I walked down the rest of Orchard Road and went into Courts to look at household appliances. We came out an hour later with two pendant lamps instead. We might return for the refrigerator.

This morning, I gave my parents a preview of how the copper frame would look dressed up. It’s looking pretty! Even if I do say so myself.

The afternoon was spent at our new place. The electricians were here to fix up the wiring and we had also arranged for the mattress and bed frame to be delivered. R had also requested the town council to collect and dispose of the bulky items we didn’t want.

It was past nine by the time the electricians left. We cleaned up the place, enjoyed some air con and headed home.


Countdown 13 days

Our home

I woke up in a cloud of negativity. The dream was upsetting. I had also missed service entirely. 

Meeting R for lunch helped. We had drinks and then went over to our new place. His parents came over too. We cleaned up the place, wiped the surfaces and threw away the random stuff that the previous owner had left behind.

R and I headed down to Leisure Park in the evening to look at refrigerators and washing machines. We couldn’t decide which to get and decided that we should get dinner instead. And off to Aston’s we went.

Countdown 18 days

Our home

R and I dropped by the flat last night for a quick check. We brought our renovator with us so that he could see the place for himself and better advise us on what to do. We initially arranged for us to see the flat 7.30pm but it was delayed till 9.00pm because the seller was at her new place waiting for late deliveries.

We met her again today at HDB for the completion of the sale and to collect the keys. It all went okay except that she left HDB without passing us the keys. We had to go make payment for fire insurance and when we came back, she was gone! When I called and asked if we could meet to get the keys, I was informed that she was already on the road! I requested that she turn back. That was slightly unsettling and the worry wart in me started to fester. Anyway, we received the keys eventually and now we can start work on the flat!

Our own place – this feels surreal.