Love is patient


If love is patient (1 Corinthians 13:4), then what does it mean to be patient?

Sometimes, being patient requires waiting for months, even years.

What we do during this time of waiting is evidence of love.




R and I returned from a mission trip to Cambodia last week. It was very good to be back at a place I’ve thought about often. 

We went with Aunty Joyce, Steven, Ruth, Lay Eng, Adeline, Veron and Josephine. I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with these wonderful people.

Without fail, I’m also blessed by the people there. The simplicity of life is also one that strikes me.

Now that we’re back, it’s time to think about how we can contribute when we go there again.

The Sermon


On Sunday, the preacher Professor Freddy Boey talked about the Beatitudes.

The next day, Hoon passed us a book on the Sermon on the Mount.

The first line of the Beatitudes goes:

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Recognising that we need the Holy Spirit is the first step. It’s not the easiest thing to do. It’s about realising that what we need is more than what this world can offer.

And when we have tasted the goodness of the Holy Spirit, we can agree that He is not just more, but also better than anything this world can give.

Am I living in God’s Kingdom? Every day, do I recognise how much I need Him?

Two months after

Lists, Our home

Today marks two months of being married! (How did it pass so fast?)

Some weeks ago, when my editor left his post, he gave each of us in the office a handwritten note. 

Mine consisted of this statement: “In this 1 year, you got proposed to, bought a house, got married and went on honeymoon!”

I definitely did. And as I read the note a second time, I realised how true that was and how much I had overlooked this fact. It had been so obvious to others but I had been simply oblivious to it.

Looking back on the past 1.5 years, I have actually done more things than I thought I did!

  1. Feb 2016: Started Post A Posy instagram account
  2. Feb 2016: Took on a position in this current conpany that I now work at
  3. Apr 2016: Set up a flower booth at The Local People Art Market
  4. Jun 2016: The proposal. I said yes!
  5. Jul 2016: Holiday-ed at the Amalfi Coast with Mel
  6. Sep 2016: Threw an engagement party
  7. Oct 2016: Started our search for a house
  8. Nov 2016: Found a place we liked and placed a deposit
  9. Feb 2017: Attended First Appointment at HDB
  10. Mar 2017: Attended a last-minute appointment at HDB to re-do our financial plan
  11. Apr 2017: Attended Second (and final) Appointment at HDB
  12. Apr 2017: We got married!
  13. May 2017: Honeymoon-ed in Taiwan
  14. Jun 2017: Went for church camp
  15. Jun 2017: Cleaned up our new house and started moving in
  16. Jun 2017: (Soon to happen) Go on a mission trip to Cambodia!

    I been fretting over selecting furniture and getting the house ready. And I wondered why we didn’t seem to have time to do the house properly and why I was tired all the time. I thought something must be wrong, with us and with me.

    But I guess I overlooked that we actually have done A LOT OF things and I really need to stop being so hard on myself.

    A heartfelt post on IG

    Our home

    ​”These few weeks, R and I have been busy getting our new place ready. I’ve always looked forward to the day I have my own place. And up till these couple of days, moving out has been an appealing idea. But now that it’s actually happening, I’m a mess of emotions. I miss everything about this home I’ve lived in. I miss my parents. I wish I hadn’t lost my temper at them for all the times I did. I miss all the memories, both good and bad, that come with each room and hallway I walk through.

    I never thought I’d get emotional from moving out. And this makes it even harder because I’m totally unprepared! I suppose sometimes, we can surprise even our own selves.”

    Same but different

    Our home

    These weeks seem to pass in a blur. And I thought the whirlwind would pass after the wedding.

    Life is somewhat “back to normal” but normal has taken on a new meaning. Weekdays are spent at work or meeting people while weekends are spent adulting. Just yesterday, we had the air-con checked and cleaned. I have been really tired but the work is not finished.

    The day

    The Big Day

    7.56am: Finished my make up. Now doing my hair.

    … *cue frogs croaking

    So my plan to work on a post throughout the day failed. Terribly, I must add. Because I didn’t have my phone with me after doing my hair all the way until just before dinner, there was no way for me to blog at all. Haha!

    But I’m glad it happened the way it did. Without a phone, I was completely immersed in the moment. I also didn’t feel rushed or stressed because I just went with the flow. Our friends took care of everything, from keeping time and ushering us from place to place to setting up the rooms we were to use and ensuring that people and things were all in the right place at the right time.

    There were funny moments though, like in the morning when I realised that my bouquet was already brought downstairs before the stems were properly trimmed to the right length, and later in the afternoon at the hotel when R realised that the shirt he was supposed to wear for dinner wasn’t in the room.

    I’m not complaining though. The entire day was simply lovely and everything went so smoothly. I really enjoyed my wedding day and I’m so, so thankful for our friends who helped to make it happen.

    Countdown 1 day

    The Big Day

    One day!

    Yesterday, we went to collect the suits and gowns. We got the time mixed up, our appointment was scheduled at 2pm but we thought it was at 12 noon.

    It was 3-plus by the time we were done at the studio. R went to get contact lenses while I headed home first.

    The flowers came shortly after I reached home. Audrey also arrived and together with my parents, we started on bundling the flowers for the aisle.


    I woke up at 8.45am to dark skies and rain. It was a wet, wet morning. It cleared up by the afternoon. 

    Flowers, decor, final briefing, pompoms, dinner at 10pm, then home at close to midnight.

    It’s 2.21am. I’m finally in bed. I need to get up at 6am. Time to sleep.

    Countdown 3 days

    The Big Day

    Ok so I missed two posts.

    Monday was just me going to work, trying to finish my work and then meeting my parents for dinner.

    Tuesday was… eventful. I rushed to finish my work and with God’s help and providence, I did. There is still work (there always is) but at least I got the most pressing materials done.

    The church rehearsal in the night went well. Cheryl, Alex, Joel (Seah) and both our parents came down. Jon, Raymond and the rest of the worship team were there to do sound checks and practise the songs. Pastor Tay was there to walk us through the solemnisation procedure.

    It all ended about 11pm and I was more exhausted than I expected myself to be.

    It’s 8.25am now and I’m on my way to Bedok South to meet R so that we can catch a cab to ROM.

    How we got ourselves in Bedok South is quite a story. The short version is that I realised only at midnight that we needed a “signed invitation to solemnise form” for today’s appointment at ROM. I had no clue what it was, asked R and he then realised it was a form that we had to download and get Pastor Tay to sign. (We also realised that we needed the photocopies of both our fathers’ NRICs!) All these at midnight. Since our appointment at ROM was scheduled for 8am, we could only pray and hope that Pastor Tay (and my dad) will be up before 8am so that we could get the necessary documents. That was how R ended up going to Bedok South – because of a signature.

    Update at 7.25pm: So this morning, we successfully collected the marriage certificate and I managed to get into office without being too late.

    I’m now on my way to Siglap to meet R for dinner. We also need to remind the respective eateries of our photo shoot this Saturday.