First times

Our home, Singapore

I experienced a number of firsts in the past week.

Last Tuesday, I ran my first giveaway on Post A Posy. It was fun but absolutely nerve-racking (what if no one participated?!). Thankfully people did and two winners were chosen at the end of the night to receive a posy each.

On Thursday, I met with the team behind #SG4Diversity Inclusion Festival. It was my first time being so closely involved in such a huge event.

Over the past few days, I have been occupied with PR and marketing. This is my first time creating and scheduling so many posts within such a short period of time. It happened to coincide with the changes that FB made to its algorithm though, and so I’m not sure if my efforts would pay off.

Last night, the only toilet in our house continued to have problems flushing and so, I called a plumber for the first time in my life.


It’s 2018!

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It has been a little too long since I blogged. Ever since R and I came back from Yangon, it has been busy busy busy. We packed 1,700 gem jars for the Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair and exhibited over four days at said fair in October. I attended a missions conference, met with various people about my book, attended a couple of workshops and seminars, kept the deadlines for the editorial assignments I had accepted, and all these while, I was also keeping up with the progress of my book. It has been such a journey and I can’t quite believe that I can now say that the book is finally, officially, in the layout stage.

2017 has been quite a year. R and I got married! We also got our house at the same time. We went on honeymoon in Taiwan, attended church camp in Malacca, and went on a mission trip to Cambodia. I don’t know how we did it but we found time to clean up our house, settle in, and make it home. Barely two months after however, we were off again, this time to Yangon. I can only say, God was the one who blessed us with the strength and the opportunities to do so much.

It’s now the second week of 2018 and whatever I do, wherever I go this year, the Lord is with me. I’m thankful, content, and so very excited, all at once.

Two months after

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Today marks two months of being married! (How did it pass so fast?)

Some weeks ago, when my editor left his post, he gave each of us in the office a handwritten note. 

Mine consisted of this statement: “In this 1 year, you got proposed to, bought a house, got married and went on honeymoon!”

I definitely did. And as I read the note a second time, I realised how true that was and how much I had overlooked this fact. It had been so obvious to others but I had been simply oblivious to it.

Looking back on the past 1.5 years, I have actually done more things than I thought I did!

  1. Feb 2016: Started Post A Posy instagram account
  2. Feb 2016: Took on a position in this current conpany that I now work at
  3. Apr 2016: Set up a flower booth at The Local People Art Market
  4. Jun 2016: The proposal. I said yes!
  5. Jul 2016: Holiday-ed at the Amalfi Coast with Mel
  6. Sep 2016: Threw an engagement party
  7. Oct 2016: Started our search for a house
  8. Nov 2016: Found a place we liked and placed a deposit
  9. Feb 2017: Attended First Appointment at HDB
  10. Mar 2017: Attended a last-minute appointment at HDB to re-do our financial plan
  11. Apr 2017: Attended Second (and final) Appointment at HDB
  12. Apr 2017: We got married!
  13. May 2017: Honeymoon-ed in Taiwan
  14. Jun 2017: Went for church camp
  15. Jun 2017: Cleaned up our new house and started moving in
  16. Jun 2017: (Soon to happen) Go on a mission trip to Cambodia!

    I been fretting over selecting furniture and getting the house ready. And I wondered why we didn’t seem to have time to do the house properly and why I was tired all the time. I thought something must be wrong, with us and with me.

    But I guess I overlooked that we actually have done A LOT OF things and I really need to stop being so hard on myself.

    A heartfelt post on IG

    Our home

    ​”These few weeks, R and I have been busy getting our new place ready. I’ve always looked forward to the day I have my own place. And up till these couple of days, moving out has been an appealing idea. But now that it’s actually happening, I’m a mess of emotions. I miss everything about this home I’ve lived in. I miss my parents. I wish I hadn’t lost my temper at them for all the times I did. I miss all the memories, both good and bad, that come with each room and hallway I walk through.

    I never thought I’d get emotional from moving out. And this makes it even harder because I’m totally unprepared! I suppose sometimes, we can surprise even our own selves.”

    Same but different

    Our home

    These weeks seem to pass in a blur. And I thought the whirlwind would pass after the wedding.

    Life is somewhat “back to normal” but normal has taken on a new meaning. Weekdays are spent at work or meeting people while weekends are spent adulting. Just yesterday, we had the air-con checked and cleaned. I have been really tired but the work is not finished.

    Countdown 6 days

    Our home, The Big Day

    At service this morning, a number of people went up to share their testimonies. Among them was a couple who had two consecutive ectopic pregnancies, Joy Sing (who shared about God’s faithfulness in her life), the brother of a lady who recently passed away due to cancer, Alvin (who testified of God’s faithfulness in his studies and work), and Lyvia (who revealed how God transformed her life).

    It was a very moving experience, listening to these personal stories. And I realised that just a week ago, I felt prompted to share but had brushed away the thought, thinking that there wasn’t going to be an upcoming opportunity. Little did I know.

    I chided myself as I sat there. But as I listened to their stories, I was encouraged. I was also reminded of the many incidents in my life where God protected and provided for me.

    R and I met up with YY for lunch. He then drove us to Oxley Bizhub to see lights and curtains at Azora.

    We stayed a while, talked to their consultants and left without making any purchases. We followed YY to Serangoon to pick up Cherry and then went for dinner.

    Countdown 7 days

    Our home, The Big Day

    Yesterday after Good Friday service, we met up with Joel and Alexia. He’s helping us with the photo montage. We met them for coffee and pancakes at Coffee Academics.

    In the evening, R and I walked down the rest of Orchard Road and went into Courts to look at household appliances. We came out an hour later with two pendant lamps instead. We might return for the refrigerator.

    This morning, I gave my parents a preview of how the copper frame would look dressed up. It’s looking pretty! Even if I do say so myself.

    The afternoon was spent at our new place. The electricians were here to fix up the wiring and we had also arranged for the mattress and bed frame to be delivered. R had also requested the town council to collect and dispose of the bulky items we didn’t want.

    It was past nine by the time the electricians left. We cleaned up the place, enjoyed some air con and headed home.

    Countdown 13 days

    Our home

    I woke up in a cloud of negativity. The dream was upsetting. I had also missed service entirely. 

    Meeting R for lunch helped. We had drinks and then went over to our new place. His parents came over too. We cleaned up the place, wiped the surfaces and threw away the random stuff that the previous owner had left behind.

    R and I headed down to Leisure Park in the evening to look at refrigerators and washing machines. We couldn’t decide which to get and decided that we should get dinner instead. And off to Aston’s we went.