A new season in life

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It’s the second week being out of full-time employment. Quite surprisingly, each day has been full and fulfilling. I am meeting people, writing stories, arranging flowers. I also have time to cook and tidy the house.

I have also submitted the complete manuscript of my book to the publisher for editing. Another milestone reached!

Some stuff I found online and have become my favourites in these two weeks:

The Hustle – Daily emails with a smart-ass version of global news

Skillshare – Learning platform with tons of videos to teach you all kinds of things. Even Seth Godin is on it! (Paid membership required, but new members get a month of free unlimited access.)

The Futur – Brand agency but they provide some great content for free. Geared towards business education for the creative entrepreneur, the resources can be found on their website and various social media platforms.

Jeraldine Phneah – Personal blog by a 26yo Singaporean. She has a very well-written post on the non-existent 2017 Presidential Elections.

Launch Summit – Virtual conference for tech start-ups, presented by Launchpeer


Two months after

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Today marks two months of being married! (How did it pass so fast?)

Some weeks ago, when my editor left his post, he gave each of us in the office a handwritten note. 

Mine consisted of this statement: “In this 1 year, you got proposed to, bought a house, got married and went on honeymoon!”

I definitely did. And as I read the note a second time, I realised how true that was and how much I had overlooked this fact. It had been so obvious to others but I had been simply oblivious to it.

Looking back on the past 1.5 years, I have actually done more things than I thought I did!

  1. Feb 2016: Started Post A Posy instagram account
  2. Feb 2016: Took on a position in this current conpany that I now work at
  3. Apr 2016: Set up a flower booth at The Local People Art Market
  4. Jun 2016: The proposal. I said yes!
  5. Jul 2016: Holiday-ed at the Amalfi Coast with Mel
  6. Sep 2016: Threw an engagement party
  7. Oct 2016: Started our search for a house
  8. Nov 2016: Found a place we liked and placed a deposit
  9. Feb 2017: Attended First Appointment at HDB
  10. Mar 2017: Attended a last-minute appointment at HDB to re-do our financial plan
  11. Apr 2017: Attended Second (and final) Appointment at HDB
  12. Apr 2017: We got married!
  13. May 2017: Honeymoon-ed in Taiwan
  14. Jun 2017: Went for church camp
  15. Jun 2017: Cleaned up our new house and started moving in
  16. Jun 2017: (Soon to happen) Go on a mission trip to Cambodia!

    I been fretting over selecting furniture and getting the house ready. And I wondered why we didn’t seem to have time to do the house properly and why I was tired all the time. I thought something must be wrong, with us and with me.

    But I guess I overlooked that we actually have done A LOT OF things and I really need to stop being so hard on myself.

    7 online magazines from Singapore

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    I was browsing through The Platform Collective looking for collaborations when I stumbled upon a host of independent digital magazines all based here in Singapore. I looove magazines and couldn’t resist digressing from my original intent to look through each of them.

    Most of them are really new, which is perhaps why I haven’t heard of them. (Or maybe I’m just lagging? Haha)

    Anyway, here are seven that I bookmarked.

    One of these may end up being the next Vulcan Post, The Smart Local, or City Nomads. Who knows?

    1) Poached Mag

    For arts, food, culture, reviews and opinion pieces. Basically, everything lifestyle.


    2) Backpack Singapore

    For backpackers who want a local insider guide to Singapore and curious locals who want a deeper insight


    3) Popspoken

    For lifestyle features, entertainment news, and a say on local issues


    4) Native Entertainment

    For music and entertainment news

    Originally known as The Native Music when it was launched in October 2013, this online magazine now also covers film, television, and the arts.


    5) M.O.D.A Mag

    For discovering emerging artists and designers in Asia


    6) Unravel

    For the linguist in me that lived on after I graduated

    Entirely run on a voluntary basis, this linguistics magazine aims to reach out to both linguists and non-linguists alike with their jargon-free writing.


    7) Actually Mag

    For fashion, people, and places

    A literary extension of its namesake–a retail fashion outlet in Orchard, this magazine also serves as a Singapore city guide.