We’re back from our 2.5 week trip!


And it’s already February! It’s the second month of the year, already?! In 10 days, it’d be Chinese New Year, and before we know it, it’d be March. Whew.

R and I arrived in Singapore last Thursday after visiting Cambodia and Thailand. I think we enjoyed being on the road but we’re also glad to be home.

I started playing a mobile game, and it’s been consuming a fair bit of my time. Not very wise, since I have a number of deadlines to meet, but this is my first time being addicted to a game so cut me some slack?


Adapting, learning, flying


It’s the third week now and tomorrow, we’re leaving for Myanmar. I’m doing a number of different things and the days are starting to blur into one another. I figure I should jot down my thoughts before I start feeling like I haven’t accomplished anything this past week.

I’ve been fixing the items I got from IKEA. Last Friday, I cleared the study room and put together two desks. Fixing those desks was hard work. On Tuesday, I put up aluminium shelving units in the utility room and tidied the space.

Work wise, I’m also filing online stories and pitching ideas to more publications. On Monday, I attended a Personal Branding workshop. It was more to support R but it was a good opportunity to network anyway. Interestingly, I met a lady there who is an advocate for those with dementia, and another lady who is a mother of a child with autism. I will probably arrange to meet each of them when I’m back from Myanmar, if they are willing.

I will have the house, specifically the kitchen, cleaned by today so that our vacant apartment will not be attracting unwanted visitors. I also need to pack my luggage. The time this week has simply flown by and I can’t believe it’s already Thursday.

The Last Quarter


October is a week away. Time seems to have slipped out of my grasp. Is it work? Is it my ill-discipline? Or is it simply that time cannot and should not be controlled?

I’m exhausted. Many days I wake up and feel that all the rushing and working seem meaningless.

Earlier this year, my concept of time was challenged. I have always viewed time as linear. I’m sure many people have the same perspective as me. It’s why there’s a thing called the timeline, right?

But I found out that some people don’t view time like this and thus manage their time and consequently their money in a way that is very different from me. Money is a different ball game here, so let’s get back to time. Since I view time as linear, I have unknowingly created a timeline in my head. I say unknowingly, because prior to this, I have never tried explaining my concept of time before. This conversation certainly made me more aware of my thought processes. So on this mental timeline, there are yet-to-happen events placed at certain points in the future. I like knowing when things are going to happen so I can prepare for them. And this works when I’m single and can make plans independent of others. But it doesn’t work so well when I’m going to get married and the person I’m marrying does not view time in the same way.

We’re both learning to adapt to each other’s way of living life and that’s again another topic for another day. For now, I ponder over my need to have every single second count for something. Is it simply due to my linear perspective of time? Or maybe it’s impatience and pride and self-importance?

When I start to consider the other perspective of time, where events occur in relation instead of in time, I realise that it takes things out of my control. I’m not used to that. I very much prefer things to be within my control. But realistically speaking, how much of things are actually within my control?

Maybe I need to take a step back. Even if the last quarter continues to feel meaningless, I need to always be assured that God is not bound by time, whichever perspective of time you take. His purposes cannot be measured by how meaningful my life is.

A Dose of Melancholy


I know that it’s okay for adults to feel melancholic at times. I shouldn’t feel this bad about drowning in a bit of melancholy, because I’m only human.

But I really didn’t expect it today (It’s only my third week on the job). And I didn’t expect that it came out the way it did (Adults don’t start weeping for no reason in a train full of people, right?).

Anyway. I felt stuck. I felt like my life was going to waste while I’m stuck in a cubicle counting down the minutes till I can switch the computer off and go home. And I started to cry. On. The. Train.

Just when I thought my embarrassing teenage years were far behind me.

I’m tired, kinda exhausted. I’ll mull it over some other day and try to work it out. For now, I think I need some me-time and some rest.