Yangon Day 9 to 11: Shopping and Packing


The last three days in Yangon were spent in a more lazy fashion, with much time afforded to sleeping, shopping and dining.

We were again at Bogyoke Market and this time, we stumbled upon a side alley where men and women were huddled in small groups either along the road or over small tables with snacks and tea. We soon realised that many of these were part of the gemstone trade. People were simply buying and selling gemstones on the street.


We also visited a street that was presumably known as the place that gem dealers hawk their precious wares. In a makeshift stall located at the end of the street, R found some stones that he had been looking for and we spent a fair bit of time looking through the array of items on display.

Back at Bogyoke market, I joined Mel to look at Chin fabrics while R went to look at more gemstones. At Yoyamay, we bought pouches, cushion covers and a throw made of handwoven fabrics.

I had wanted to visit some furniture shops, but with R being unwell for a couple of days, we didn’t quite make it to any on this trip. On our last night though, we came across a “gift shop” which sold homewares and at a pretty affordable price too. It was really an accidental find as we were supposed to meet Mel for dinner at a restaurant next door and simply wandered into this shop out of curiosity.

It was more of a shop selling handcrafted goods than a “gift shop”. I bought some chopsticks (how Chinese am I?!), a rattan basket, and R bought a magnet that is now stuck on our refrigerator at home. I do like the products in this shop and may return on our next trip.


One of the things we ate during those last few days was chicken biryani. It was way more oily than the version we get in Singapore but the smell and the taste were so good.


Our last dinner in Yangon was at Sofaer & Co. Opened just few months ago, it’s a beautiful restaurant that serves fusion Burmese dishes. The interiors were so pretty.


We couldn’t leave without having mohinga again so we decided to have it for breakfast on our last morning.


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