Adapting, learning, flying


It’s the third week now and tomorrow, we’re leaving for Myanmar. I’m doing a number of different things and the days are starting to blur into one another. I figure I should jot down my thoughts before I start feeling like I haven’t accomplished anything this past week.

I’ve been fixing the items I got from IKEA. Last Friday, I cleared the study room and put together two desks. Fixing those desks was hard work. On Tuesday, I put up aluminium shelving units in the utility room and tidied the space.

Work wise, I’m also filing online stories and pitching ideas to more publications. On Monday, I attended a Personal Branding workshop. It was more to support R but it was a good opportunity to network anyway. Interestingly, I met a lady there who is an advocate for those with dementia, and another lady who is a mother of a child with autism. I will probably arrange to meet each of them when I’m back from Myanmar, if they are willing.

I will have the house, specifically the kitchen, cleaned by today so that our vacant apartment will not be attracting unwanted visitors. I also need to pack my luggage. The time this week has simply flown by and I can’t believe it’s already Thursday.


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