Countdown 1 day

The Big Day

One day!

Yesterday, we went to collect the suits and gowns. We got the time mixed up, our appointment was scheduled at 2pm but we thought it was at 12 noon.

It was 3-plus by the time we were done at the studio. R went to get contact lenses while I headed home first.

The flowers came shortly after I reached home. Audrey also arrived and together with my parents, we started on bundling the flowers for the aisle.


I woke up at 8.45am to dark skies and rain. It was a wet, wet morning. It cleared up by the afternoon. 

Flowers, decor, final briefing, pompoms, dinner at 10pm, then home at close to midnight.

It’s 2.21am. I’m finally in bed. I need to get up at 6am. Time to sleep.


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