Countdown 3 days

The Big Day

Ok so I missed two posts.

Monday was just me going to work, trying to finish my work and then meeting my parents for dinner.

Tuesday was… eventful. I rushed to finish my work and with God’s help and providence, I did. There is still work (there always is) but at least I got the most pressing materials done.

The church rehearsal in the night went well. Cheryl, Alex, Joel (Seah) and both our parents came down. Jon, Raymond and the rest of the worship team were there to do sound checks and practise the songs. Pastor Tay was there to walk us through the solemnisation procedure.

It all ended about 11pm and I was more exhausted than I expected myself to be.

It’s 8.25am now and I’m on my way to Bedok South to meet R so that we can catch a cab to ROM.

How we got ourselves in Bedok South is quite a story. The short version is that I realised only at midnight that we needed a “signed invitation to solemnise form” for today’s appointment at ROM. I had no clue what it was, asked R and he then realised it was a form that we had to download and get Pastor Tay to sign. (We also realised that we needed the photocopies of both our fathers’ NRICs!) All these at midnight. Since our appointment at ROM was scheduled for 8am, we could only pray and hope that Pastor Tay (and my dad) will be up before 8am so that we could get the necessary documents. That was how R ended up going to Bedok South – because of a signature.

Update at 7.25pm: So this morning, we successfully collected the marriage certificate and I managed to get into office without being too late.

I’m now on my way to Siglap to meet R for dinner. We also need to remind the respective eateries of our photo shoot this Saturday.


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