Countdown 6 days

Our home, The Big Day

At service this morning, a number of people went up to share their testimonies. Among them was a couple who had two consecutive ectopic pregnancies, Joy Sing (who shared about God’s faithfulness in her life), the brother of a lady who recently passed away due to cancer, Alvin (who testified of God’s faithfulness in his studies and work), and Lyvia (who revealed how God transformed her life).

It was a very moving experience, listening to these personal stories. And I realised that just a week ago, I felt prompted to share but had brushed away the thought, thinking that there wasn’t going to be an upcoming opportunity. Little did I know.

I chided myself as I sat there. But as I listened to their stories, I was encouraged. I was also reminded of the many incidents in my life where God protected and provided for me.

R and I met up with YY for lunch. He then drove us to Oxley Bizhub to see lights and curtains at Azora.

We stayed a while, talked to their consultants and left without making any purchases. We followed YY to Serangoon to pick up Cherry and then went for dinner.


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