Countdown 15 days

The Big Day

Because of the deadlines at work and the arrival of our flat, I have given little thought to the wedding. I suppose, in a way, it’s good. But there are still some things I have to do and I should get down to them. 

1. Arrange transport of decor items

2. Type out decor details for church and cafe

3. Brief wedding helpers, specifically Rash, Cheryl, Joel Tan, Audrey, Alex, and Joel Seah on decor details

4. Brief secondary photographer

5. Write my wedding vow

6. Write my speech

7. Pay the deposit for the cafe

8. Book accommodation in Taiwan via Shopback

9. Trim the macrame piece to desired length

10. Clear and tidy up my bedroom

It’s 7.36pm now and I’m on my way back home. R has arranged for the food tasting by the caterer and we’ve asked the groomsmen and bridesmaids to gather with us. It’s not full attendance though, as Murali is overseas, Mel is overseas and Rash has a packed schedule. 

I’ll be meeting Rash tomorrow anyway, and it’s not because of tonight. It was planned way ahead of this rather impromptu gathering. I know R wouldn’t call it impromptu. A week’s notice is seemingly more than enough for him. We’re just different like that. I like plans for my days, he’s laissez faire in his ways. It took some time (and disagreements) for both of us to get used to the other. We understand each other a lot better now (we’d better!) and can even laugh at our differences.

Marriage will probably cause more of our differences to surface but hey, by God’s grace, we will be okay.


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