Countdown 19 days


A quarter of the year is over. Looking back, in December last year, I didn’t think I’d survive the job. Yet here I am.

I have all this while wondered what His purpose is for placing me here. I’ve always assumed that it was to reach out to a particular someone. It has also crossed my mind that perhaps it’s just to make money. After all, He gave me this position at a point where I needed to return to a full-time job. It was no doubt a reminder of His providence and then? I wasn’t sure. I haven’t been able to figure out why exactly I’m here. When work got rough, the lack of direction and purpose made me anxious and unhappy.

Yesterday, Elder Jeffrey Goh preached on the subject of being a slave to God. He recognised that some may have an issue being called a slave. Some have previously asked him, Aren’t we servants? Why do you use the word “slave”? He spent quite a bit of time explaining what it means to be a slave and emphasised that having been bought at a high price, we are now “slaves to righteousness”.

He said that some have come to him asking, Why did this bad thing happen to me? Why me?

Refraining from giving a cheeky “Why not,” he would instead ask them, “What is God’s will and purpose?”

“He wants to increase your faith,” he said, answering his own question. Are we willing for God to be silent? When He is silent, do we stay faithful? Do we remain as slaves to righteousness?

Perhaps I’ve got my answer. Maybe it’s just my faith that God wants to work on. When there’s seemingly no direction and purpose, do I trust Him? Do I allow my faith in Him to grow?


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