Countdown 21 days

Our home, The Big Day

I missed posting an entry yesterday. I actually started on it (I wrote the title, that’s counted as started right?) but I was swamped by the many things happening that I just didn’t have the mental energy to write anything.

So yesterday:

R heard from HDB regarding our second appointment. It’s happening on 4 April at 4.10pm. We will be getting the keys on that day!

I heard back from our seller, explaining why we had to reimburse the rent she incurred. It’s a few hundred dollars. Apparently, HDB charged her rent for moving into her new studio unit before the sale of her old place (the one we bought) was complete. Seriously?

I was contacted by the photographer from the bridal studio. He wanted to know the itinerary and I briefed him over the phone on timing and venue. I was definitely caught by surprise when he called. We weren’t expecting to hear from the photographer until two weeks before. Anyway, he sounded experienced. I’m just a little miffed that he doesn’t reply texts.

R called the manager at the cafe at various times yesterday and couldn’t reach her. She returned his call after I dropped her an email with his contact number. And they managed to reach a happy compromise with the drinks.

In the night, we met after work, had a quick dinner and went for Oikos. I led a worship song and R did the Word Edification.

It was a long day.


I slept in this morning, tidied up my accounts and receipts, and wrote the invites for the teachers and some families at Shalomkids.

It’s 3.26pm now and raining heavily. The weather has been predictably erratic the past week. Every morning, it’s really hot and sunny. By noon, it’s dark, gloomy and within minutes, it starts to pour. It clears up by the evening, leaving behind wet grounds and very happy plants.

I’m on my way back to the east now. My parents want to buy something for me before I get married, and then we’ll be having dinner with R.


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