Countdown 25 days

People, The Big Day

R has been quite busy with classes these two days. I had the evening to myself yesterday as Pris cancelled on me due to deadlines. I had dinner at the food court and then went home to design a jpg file with directions to the wedding venue. I also caught up on personal grooming, which was very much needed but sorely neglected amidst all the social obligations, appointments and… busyness.

I don’t like this busyness. It’s a mindless sort of busyness that makes me feel that I’ve accomplished nothing at the end of it.

Joel and Cheryl said that the best feeling comes right after the wedding, when everything is done and the day is over. “You’d be super relaxed,” they said. 

It’s 6.57pm now, and I’m on my way to meet my parents for dinner. My mom finished up her chemotherapy cycles about three years ago (Yes, she’s a cancer survivor) and since then, I’ve made it a point to have dinner with her once a week. We have been meeting regularly every Tuesday and grown closer because of this. Some Tuesdays we talk, some Tuesdays she listens as I whine about stuff, and there have been some Tuesdays where she sits with me as I cry. She tells me about her work, her friends from church and sometimes, she asks for my opinion.

She has told me before that she looks forward to these weekly dinners that we have. I remember being being very happy to hear that. 

Some months ago, I told her that I intend to continue meeting her for dinner even after I’m married. I think she looked relieved. Perhaps it’s because my brother stopped meeting her when he got married, she didn’t want to hold expectations of me.

It’s four more Tuesdays to the wedding day. While a lot will be changing, Tuesdays for me will remain the same. My mom has been my constant through the years, whether in school, at work or in life, through heartbreaks and disappointments, joys and achievements, and hopefully I can be a fraction of that for her as she grows old.


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