Countdown 26 days

The Big Day

I reached home last night to see that my dad had started on the macrame piece. I’m really excited to see how it turns out.

There are some individuals whom I had hoped to meet before the wedding but as the date draws near, it’s probably not very wise to continue packing my schedule so tightly. Almost every week since February, R and I are either socialising or planning the wedding. At times, we could feel it taking a toll on us and we were careful to step back and pace ourselves. Even then, our schedules have been packed. What I’m hoping to do as April rolls in, is to spend more time at home, read the Word a bit more, and get some rest.

This year has really been such a different one. Having left formal education for a number of years, I have slipped into a state where years are starting to meld into one another. It’s different when you’re a student. Each year is significant as it brings with it new subjects, new teachers, new classmates, new friends. When you’re working, each day is the same. Sad, but true. So this year started out with us setting goals for the new year. I managed to hit some in January but as wedding planning took over and threatened to overwhelm, those goals took a backseat. It’s natural I guess, because there is only so much a person can take on. Preparing for the wedding has taken up much of my mental bandwidth. Coupled with the flat we bought, there is so much keeping us occupied.

2017 has truly been different with many big things happening. Let’s enjoy the process so that I may look back on this with fondness.


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