As the wedding day draws near…

The Big Day

There is just about one more month before R and I get married. When he proposed to me in June last year, I didn’t think that just ten months later, we would be getting married! Most people in Singapore usually spend a year or more to plan their wedding.

We chose the month of April not because of any specific reason. It was simply through, guess what, a process of elimination. We felt that the first quarter of 2017 was too rushed while R felt that the third quarter was far too long. (He doesn’t believe in engagements dragging over a year.) So we were left with April, May, and June.

Getting married in June meant rushing with school teachers for wedding venues and vendors, so June was out. Getting married in May meant going on honeymoon in June, one of the two times in the year when airports and planes are packed with school-going kids on holiday with their families. We didn’t see any reason for putting ourselves through that and so, we were left with April.

Since we wanted to have a church wedding, it had to be held on a Saturday. We initially considered the second Saturday of April but then realised that it was the weekend just before Good Friday. The church is usually busy preparing for that and it didn’t seem appropriate for us to have our wedding then. With that, the second and third Saturdays were eliminated. The first Saturday is April 1st, and since we didn’t want it to be associated with April’s Fools, we struck this date out too.

The fourth Saturday of April was thus chosen.

Because we procrastinated much, spent July and August in virtual bliss (playing Pokemon Go) and threw an engagement party in early September, it was only in late September that we decided on the date and booked the church.

In October, we realised that we should start preparing for the wedding because up till then, we hadn’t done much… except booked the church (and of course, collected over a hundred different Pokemon).

It was also around this time that we began our hunt for a house. More on this another time.

From November, time seemed to have flown past more quickly than ever. I remember struggling in my workplace. I remember my brother’s confusing behaviour and the hurt and strained conversations that came with it. I remember shopping with my mom to get dresses for my brother’s wedding. December was a mess of emotions.

As the new year rolled around, we kicked ourselves for not being on the ball. Chinese New Year was happening at the end of January and we scrambled to get the physical invites ready. CNY was a time when we would get to meet all the relatives, making it an excellent opportunity for us to give out the invitation cards to our wedding. We didn’t have much time. Plus, we were were flying to Bangkok with some friends for a couple of days. I rushed out a design, R found a printer and sent the design over, we flew off, and our physical invites arrived just a week before CNY! Whew.

When February came along, we had managed to check a number of things off the list. We secured a venue for dinner, got a florist to do the flowers for church, and confirmed our selection of a gown and suit for the wedding day.

There are many fine details to take care of and we are slowly working our way through them. I constantly remind myself that typeface, being correct, and Pantone codes are not crucial. What is truly important are relationships.

This refers to my relationship with R. It also includes my relationships with my friends, my two bridesmaids especially, and my relationship with my parents.

While I have taken effort to protect the relationships I have with people throughout this period, I have regrettably neglected my relationship with my Lord. As the wedding day draws near, I’ll be making Him a priority.


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