At the Bridal Studio

The Big Day

It’s interesting how we got here.

By here, I mean three things: this stage of our relationship, this bridal studio, and our geographical location at this very moment. 

We’re getting married in two months and it still feels surreal. We have been together for about 3+ years and we talk about marriage all the time but now that we are really doing it, it’s a mix of anticipation, indifference, and nerves. Sometimes, there is also the delusion that it’s “not so soon”. 

So how did we choose FranceParis to be our bridal studio? We didn’t choose, or at least that’s how I feel. They swooped in on us at the BOWS show and the rest, as they say, is history.

All right, the last part was unnecessarily lame. But I must say, they are extremely good salesmen and so here we are.

It’s our first appointment with them today to try on their gowns and suits. I’m not sure what to expect, let’s see how it goes. 


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