A New Stage of Life

Our home

My schedule has been so packed since last October/November that I’ve hardly had the luxury to sit and reflect. I recognise that being busy is no excuse though, because taking the time to think is essential to meaningful living (or at least that’s what I believe). It makes me hanker for my younger days while in school, when I could spend nights thinking and penning down my thoughts.

For this year, I’ve actually made it one of my goals. I want to set aside a bit of time every week to reflect and write (or blog). A month has come and gone, it’s already February so I’d better get started.

Today is quite a significant one. R and I attended our first appointment with HDB for the purchase of our flat. It’s funny but I was feeling slightly nervous about it last night.

It all went pretty smoothly (except when we missed our number despite arriving 30 minutes early haha). Money is settled, dates are fixed. We should be able to collect the keys from the seller next month. It’s all quite exciting. I’m thankful and grateful for God’s providence.


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