The Proposal

Singapore, The Big Day

The meats were smoking on the grill. I was sipping on my second can of Coke, nursing a sore throat with sugar and caffeine.

It was a thai-themed barbecue. We had invited our close friends to enjoy the evening with us. The guys from R’s secondary school days lounged by the side. Our friends from church sat on chairs we pulled over from the poolside.

“Thank you for being here tonight,” R spoke to the group. I smiled at the unexpected speech that unfolded, mildly amused. He stretched his hand towards me, beckoning me to join him at the front. I went forward and stood by his side as he continued speaking.

By the time he got down on one knee, I was overwhelmed with total surprise. My drug-induced state of drowsiness took a while to make sense of what had happened. He had asked me to marry him.


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