A Dose of Melancholy


I know that it’s okay for adults to feel melancholic at times. I shouldn’t feel this bad about drowning in a bit of melancholy, because I’m only human.

But I really didn’t expect it today (It’s only my third week on the job). And I didn’t expect that it came out the way it did (Adults don’t start weeping for no reason in a train full of people, right?).

Anyway. I felt stuck. I felt like my life was going to waste while I’m stuck in a cubicle counting down the minutes till I can switch the computer off and go home. And I started to cry. On. The. Train.

Just when I thought my embarrassing teenage years were far behind me.

I’m tired, kinda exhausted. I’ll mull it over some other day and try to work it out. For now, I think I need some me-time and some rest.



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