A New Endeavour

Book matters, Faith

Instead of continuing with my freelance writer life (more like struggling writer life hurhur), I’m going back to full-time employment.

It’s actually not much of a surprise since -almost- everyone expects me to, although the question I now get is: How about your book?

Good question.

The first draft of the book is done. I’m currently doing corrections, re-writes, and re-organising certain sections.

So it isn’t exactly complete, and I will definitely need time to work on it, but there were reasons compelling enough for me to take on a full-time job, in particular, THIS full-time job.

The first thing that happened was that in November last year, R and I applied for a flat. This isn’t the reason that I accepted this job offer but it prompted me to look around for available positions that would give me a more stable pay cheque.

The second thing that happened was that my dad lost his job. Again, this isn’t the reason that I accepted the job offer. It was more like a nudge in the direction that I had started to step towards.

The third thing that happened was that I received positive replies from BOTH of the companies that I submitted my resume to. This does not happen to me any day. I have sent applications out before and heard nothing. So, to send two and hear from both was very encouraging.

The fourth thing that happened was that my former editor recommended me for a position that an editor-friend of hers was looking to fill. It was nearing Christmas by now and I didn’t think anyone would be keen to conduct any interviews. I was surprised to hear from the editor-friend just few days later and we scheduled to meet for a casual chat.

The fifth thing that happened was the calling to run an active Young Adults ministry in church. This will take up an entire blog post to explain so I’ll leave it for another time. In short, there were two main issues that arose from this: my English class on Sundays, and my insecurity over not being “gainfully employed”.

Then, 2016 began and I spent a week or two in a bit of a limbo before I realised that I couldn’t just be doing nothing while waiting for a job to fall into my lap. I should get started on my ideas, set up the business, work on my book, all as if I wouldn’t be getting a full-time job. Time flew by. Besides My Unique Child, there was Our Unique Stories and Post A Posy, with web addresses and email addresses all set up.

I was raring to go, and excited about starting these two new ventures alongside the book. But in the fourth week of January, the job offer came in.

Somehow I knew I was going to take it, but I was still a little conflicted when the offer actually came in. I had three amazing projects on my hand, and a fourth soon to begin (once approval was given by the pastor). Still, I accepted it, and the reason I did is simply because I believe that this job is God-given.

(In fact, all of my jobs have been divinely orchestrated but let’s just stick to the topic.)

1. There was no talk of expected salary during the interview with the big boss but the offer matched the expectations that I had talked to God about.

2. I now have no reason to be insecure over not being “gainfully employed” since I have just been given an excellent opportunity of being so.

3. This job came through favour. It was not of my effort and I cannot claim credit for it. Moreover, I had always been “secretly” envying people who got jobs through personal recommendations. I guess I have no excuse to indulge in the sin of my envy. God knows me entirely!!

4. I often talk about taking “a year” off to work on my book. I never actually took it literally, but I realised that come end-February, it would be exactly a year. And well, I guess if God is holding me to my word, I should keep my word.

So funny how God works huh.

I’ll be starting work in a week’s time. So much apprehension but I know God is with me and I have nothing to fear.



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