Visiting Coney Island Park


Coney Island, or rather Pulau Serangoon, is open!

Remus and I went to check it out last week. We took so many photos that it will be a good idea to blog about our visit in two separate posts. This is Part 1.

To get there, we took bus 84 from Punggol Bus Interchange and got off at Punggol Settlement. Even though neither of us has been there before, it’s quite clear where we had to alight. The bus makes a U-turn at Punggol Road End and we had plenty of time to realise that this is the stop to get off at.

From Punggol Settlement, we walked eastward along the coast and pretty shortly, in ten minutes, we spotted the connecting bridge. It looks like a mini causeway.

Punggol Settlement to Coney Island @jazziegoh

It was quite a hazy day. The background scenery in the photos can hardly be seen. Oh well.

Entering the island, we ventured onto the earth track which would bring us closer to the beach area. There are few rest areas and shelters along the way. I like that the entire park is kept very basic and mostly left in its natural state.

This is one of the four shelters on the whole island.

Coney Island Park Singapore @jazziegoh

In the three hours we spent there, we didn’t manage to cross over to the eastern side and so explored only the west of the island. We will need to make another trip. Hopefully the haze would have cleared by the next time and I can have some nice blue skies in my photos.

While on the western side, the earth track led us to two bird hides and also to Beach Areas A and B, two of the five beaches on the island.

Coney Island Park Singapore @jazziegoh

Coney Island Park Singapore @jazziegoh

Coney Island Park Singapore @jazziegoh

We were there on a weekday so there weren’t many people around. I saw pictures of the island taken on the weekend and it looked like east coast park (read: overcrowded).

I’m glad it was so quiet and peaceful the day we went. Doesn’t the scenery of casuarina trees look lovely?

Coney Island Park Singapore @jazziegoh

More information on Coney Island Park can be obtained here. Also, Straits Times suggests six things for you to check out when you’re here.

That’s all for now. More photos in another post!


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