What We Need

Book matters, People

I met with a mother today so that she could share her experience with me about her little boy.

At 11, he isn’t so little now, but I still remember the small boy with big, bright eyes whom I got to know when he was just 6 years old.

We talked about the challenges that she is facing and the struggles that she had been through. Through it all, she expresses gratitude for the people who have come alongside to help her and the family.

She mentions her mother-in-law, who travels down from Malaysia regularly to look after her little boy.

She mentions her superior at work, who has allowed her to take certain afternoons off so that she could accompany her little boy for therapy and activities.

With the support of these two special people, this mother is able to continue working and have time for her little boy. The impact of their understanding and compassion cannot be more real.

We need more people like that. More understanding and less judgement. More compassion and less pity.


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