Some Prata and Talk


Joy is back in Singapore for a short visit and we had planned to go cycling at East Coast this morning. Unfortunately, the haze did not let up so we ended up cancelling and had prata instead.

So much for an active lifestyle.

But it was a good call; the hazy conditions got worse as the day went on.

It’s 1am now and the 3-hour PSI reads 245!

Anyway, we went to this prata place at Jalan Tua Kong and sat there for two hours eating, talking and catching up on each other’s lives. There isn’t much to catch up on per se because we keep in regular contact through letters (yes, snail mail!) and Whatsapp when she is away. But there is so much in our transformational journey with God that we always have something to share, be it a lesson or reminder, a current struggle or a victory.

Plus… she got engaged three days ago! So we talked a little about that as well, and I updated her on the progress of my book.

Despite being thousands of miles away in another land, she is one person who has been walking this authoring journey with me. She has been a constant in this authoring journey, during the highs and the lows. It may not have struck me as significant initially, but as the weeks turn to months, I realise what a blessing and encouragement she has been. I am grateful and thankful that God has placed her in my life.


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