Girly Business Talk


I caught up with Pris yesterday afternoon.

She’s an ex-colleague who is now a dear friend. Like me, she is now on her own working and pursuing a dream. Unlike me, she has set up an online fashion store which she hopes to expand into a design-centric lifestyle store.

We met for lunch but our conversation extended into the late afternoon and we decided to grab coffee.

Over a frappucino and a mochaccino, we talked about the highs and lows of being out on our own. We disclosed embarrassing habits and laughed about them. We shared the emotional struggles we are facing, the fears and the anxiety. It was mostly lows, to be honest.

I suppose it is still too early on in our individual journeys (six months for me and two months for her) to have experienced much victories or successes – perhaps mini ones. Entrepreneurial endeavours aren’t known to be smooth and easy, anyway.

Nonetheless, it was good to be able to talk with someone who understands – someone who is on the same path. There were many ideas exchanged and much encouragement given. I’m inspired and challenged to press on and go forth.


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